[QuickStart] AI Medical Writing and Editing—Part 3

Seamlessly integrate AI into your medical writing and editing and
explore career opportunities emerging because of AI.

Part #3: Sought out as an AI-Savvy Professional

AI is here to stay

It’s time to start thinking now of the big picture when it comes to the medical writing industry and the types of skills updating that will be needed in the near term and also the long-term.  

In this third video in the series, I provide more detail about the emerging roles that are becoming available directly because of AI. I’ll also describe some skills that can be learned online for free or for cheap that can complement what you already know and can do as a medical writer.

The time to start preparing is now. You may think you don’t need to change your career direction, but the truth is, the landscape is evolving. 

All of us must be prepared for a “condensing” of the need for medical writers and editors. We should start thinking about what additional skills we can add to complement our skill set. 

Watch the video here

Tomorrow, I’ll be introducing an exciting opportunity—a game-changer for your medical writing or editing career.

Emma Hitt Nichols, PhD

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