[QuickStart] AI Medical Writing and Editing—Part 2

Seamlessly integrate AI into your medical writing and editing
and explore career opportunities emerging because of AI.

Part #2: Unleashing AI for Increased Speed and Quality

AI is here to stay

In this second video of this series on AI in Medical Writing and Editing, I talk about specific ways to apply generative AI to your workflow.

While keeping in mind some important caveats, these uses can unlock a new realm of productivity and creativity in your medical writing and editing.

I go through a flow chart I created that will help you decide whether or not you can use generative AI in your medical writing or editing project. 

AI can be used across four broad areas:

  • Outline creation and research methodologies
  • Medical writing
  • Medical editing
  • PowerPoint and data visualization strategies

Watch the video to find out more about these processes and some specific use cases to get you started!

The key lies in understanding not just the technical aspects of AI, but also how to integrate it into your day-to-day tasks in an ethical way. With the right guidance, you can transform your work, increase your productivity, and enhance the quality of your output. 

Stay tuned for the next video in this series, where I’ll explore potential career paths in which you can combine your medical writing or scientific background with your knowledge about AI to assess emerging staff and consulting roles.

Imagine a world where you not only survive but THRIVE thanks to the arrival of AI on the scene. How might your career be different—better even?


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