[QuickStart] AI Medical Writing and Editing—Part 1

Seamlessly integrate AI into your medical writing and editing
and explore career opportunities emerging because of AI.

Part #1: AI Is Here to Stay

Watch the video to find out more!

Although medical writers and editors might hesitate to adopt AI, wary of the learning curve given a busy schedule, understanding AI can benefit us in our work. 

Lately, I’ve been exploring the practical applications of AI, specifically as they apply to medical writing and editing. My aim is to simplify the concepts and define various use cases, in a careful and ethical way. 

What’s important to recognize is that AI is not just a passing trend but represents a significant shift in our industry—one that can drastically increase productivity, enhance content quality, and open up new career paths. But we have to get on board with it now. 

By embracing this shift, we can get ahead of the curve and position ourselves as AI-savvy professionals.

Watch the video, and stay tuned for the next video in this series coming soon!

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